A Visit to Marin’s Buck Institute

To maintain a healthy body and healthy mind is what we all want as we age. Earlier this year, we invited our clients to join us on a private tour through the Buck Institute to learn more about healthy aging and the work they do to help all of us. In this post, we want to introduce you to the Buck if you are not yet familiar and encourage you to visit their blog to stay current on the latest research and learn tips and habits for healthy living.

Steve Wilkes, CEO, welcomes our guests

“Live Better Longer.”

 Known for its biomedical research on age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, and Parkinson’s, the Buck Institute is a pioneer in the study of the biology of aging.  The Buck Institute’s primary commitment is to extend healthspan, prolonging the number of healthy years of life.  We often think about retirement and getting older in terms of how long we may live, without as much consideration to the quality of those years. The Buck Institute is dedicated to helping us live better longer.

Perched above 101 in Novato, the Buck’s architecture is as impressive as its research.  World-famous I. M. Pei designed the meditative and inspirational space to foster creative interaction among scientists and fit in with the serene Marin County landscape.  The design alone is worth a visit!


Inside the Buck

 The Power of an Estate Plan

The Buck Institute exists thanks to the Marin philanthropist Beryl Hamilton Buck. Beryl died in 1975 leaving most of her estate, valued at $10-$12 million, to the San Francisco Foundation to be spent in Marin County to “extend help toward problems of the aged.”  By the time the estate settled in 1979, the estate had soared in value to $262 million!

The boom in oil prices in the late 70’s fueled the growth of trust’s investment in Belridge Oil, a closely held corporation that owned the nation’s largest private oil reserves. This money funded the creation of the freestanding research institute on aging now known as the Buck Institute.

 Get Invigorated!

To learn more about what the Buck is studying and how it can help you, and to see this beautiful building for yourself, you can sign up for a tour.  We have taken clients to this amazing facility on two occasions and both times walk away with an invigoration for a healthier lifestyle.